Yukiko the fox

Yes, this is a Fox! Her name is Yukiko. She was bred for fur at a Russian fur farm.

Why does she have such an unusual coat?! Because she was bred especially to have this coat to meet the demands and tastes of customers who are prepared to pay more for an unusual colour and pattern. Yes, sadly that’s true.

Then while she was still a cub, someone bought her as an exotic pet/toy. When the novelty wore off, her owner decided to abandon her.

That’s how Yukiko found herself in a cat and dog shelter in Kaluga which we support.

She thinks she is a dog. She is completely tame, could never live in the wild, she likes playing with shelter dogs, walks on the lead and she gets a bit lonely because she sleeps alone in her kennel for her own safety. Not an easy one to rehome!

But she will never become anyone’s coat  and that we are very happy about.

In the meantime Yukiko needed to be neutered to avoid accidents, conflicts at the shelter and health issues. So we paid for that under our sterilisation programme. This is the first fox for us!!

We believe that no animal should suffer for the sake of people’s vanity or pleasure or be discarded as rubbish.

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Yukiko is now safe and wishing you a good weekend!

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