Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter?

Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter? 

These dogs  live in a small private shelter based in a wooded area of Ryazan region (Central Russia). There are 60 dogs there. Private donations just about cover food and medical treatment for the dogs but no more than that. 

Dogs live in makeshift wooden kennels which are insulated by hay. It’s just about good enough for young and healthy dogs to survive severe cold weather which lasts for months.

But what about old or sick dogs, what about dogs recovering from an operation or treatment? They simply cannot survive in these conditions. 

This is what it’s like:

  • At the moment there is no room or any kind of facility in the shelter with heating in it. When dogs need an injection, volunteers prepare and administer the injections in their cars. Otherwise the medication will freeze.
  • Water supply is only available in the summer. In winter volunteers bring bottled water with them from home and use it very quickly before it freezes.
  • Dog food is too expensive and dogs need warm food in such cold weather. So volunteers cook meat based porridge for the dogs every day in large pans on an open fire.
  • Not to mention that volunteers themselves have to take refuge in their cars with the engine on in order to warm up and have a cup of tea.

We want to help these animals and their dedicated human helpers before it is too late. Winter is approaching fast in Russia. It’s already sub-zero temperatures there.

It costs £1,120 (=93,000 roubles) to buy a heated stand alone utility cabin (like a trailer on a construction site). Please help us reach this target! 

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Thank you! ❤️