Plyusha at new home

Plyusha is so beautiful she could have easily been a cat model advertising cosy cat beds or gourmet cat food. Her life path turned out to be very different but she has finally found happiness!

Plyusha was abandoned near a block of flats in Alexin, Tula region. Her behaviour and looks (she looks like a pedigree British short hair cat) strongly suggested she had been someone’s pet before. Cats like her are not street savvy and as a result are particularly vulnerable in the street.

She was starving, cold, frightened, she lived in cold and infection infested basement of a block of flats relying on someone to be kind enough to feed her. And she was having kittens whose future was as bleak as hers.

Plyusha was rescued by a lady who runs a good but very overcrowded home-based shelter which we support. Despite having all the qualities of a perfect pet and being young, noone wanted to adopt Plyusha. It’s incredibly difficult to rehome rescued animals in Russia, especially in the regions, and there are very few good homes available.

By chance Plyusha’s photo was seen by a young lady in London. She and her partner had been looking to adopt a cat for sometime but could not find anyone who would be suitable for their circumstances. Plyusha turned out to be perfect for them! What are the odds!!

So we brought Plyusha to the UK and she went straight into her new home.

Plyusha settled in her new home very quickly. She is a very chilled cat.

Every animal deserves a good life. We are delighted for Plyusha and her new owners and we are grateful to them for giving Plyusha such an amazing gift of a great life. We are confident Plyusha will reciprocate with lots of love and affection