Charity report for December 2018

Here are the results of our Charity Group’s work in December 2018:

🐾 Project “Shelter support” – we provided food to 9 shelters and 2 rescue groups.

This includes helping shelters “Beskudnikovo” and German Shepherd Rescue Group “Time to go home!” for whom we bought a total of 560kg of dry dog food and 285kg of wet tinned food out of the proceeds of our fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday on 27 November 2018. Thanks to your help, we raised £2,102.16 on that day (see our posts on 26 and 28 November 2018). We still have some money left to buy these shelters another supply of food.

🐾 Project “Neutering” – we paid for the neutering of 124 rescued and street animals – 60 cats and 64 dogs .

🐾 Project “Veterinary Treatment” – we paid for the treatment of 8 animals.

🐾 Project “Education” – we conducted 112 lessons on responsible pet ownership through which we reached out to 2,610 children.

🐾 Project “School for Volunteers” – we arranged a lecture on the basics of veterinary care and safe treatment of animals. The lecture was attended by 30 shelter volunteers.

🐾 Project “Charitable Animal Taxi RAYmobil” – our animal taxi conducted 101 trips including deliveries to shelters and transportation of 25 shelter animals to and from vet clinics.

Thank you very much to all those who support us! Together we make a real difference! ❤️