Nyusya and Chernichka, the sisters

Today we would like to share a story of two sisters – Nyusya and Chernichka (which means Blueberry in Russian). They are community dogs. Until recently they were having a reasonable life in the street but looked after by people who had created a shelter for them and fed and vaccinated them regularly. However, there is now a spike in cruel culls of dogs in Russia. The imminent World Cup  has given the authorities and dog-hunting groups an excuse to start killing thousands of dogs. 

Our long-term partner, a rescue group “MART”, based in Pushkino in the Moscow region heard that there were going to be culls in their area. Nyusya and Chernichka were under threat. So the volunteers rescued them from the street, put them in a foster facility and are now looking for a more permanent arrangement for them. Meanwhile, we paid for their sterilisation. We wish the girls luck and happiness!