New kennel in Alexin

We have completed an exciting and very important project – just in time for the Easter weekend in the UK!

We have arranged for the construction and installation of a large dog kennel in the home-based shelter in Alexin, Tula region which we support.

The shelter is bursting at the seams – more and more abandoned animals are coming in, some in a very poor condition, and adoption is terribly slow. Plus, spring and summer are the busiest times for our TNR programme (Trap, Neuter, Release).

There is simply no more room at the shelter to hold the new arrivals and the neutered dogs while they are recouperating after surgery under the TNR programme. So we had to help.

The kennel has been built professionally by a local company specialising in timber+iron products. And it is the most solid piece of construction the shelter has! It can house 5-6 dogs at a time and will be insulated with more wood and hay before next winter.

We cannot describe the delight of the lady who runs the shelter, Yulia, when the installation of the kennel was completed. It’s a very simple wooden kennel by Western standards but for her it is something she could only dream of and has never seen. It’s truly humbling.