Molly has gone home!

Great news – our recent arrival tiny Molly has gone home!

Molly had a very hard life – until she was rescued her entire world consisted of a space with a radius of about 1 meter. She was chained to her small wooden dog house in a yard of someone’s house. And she was bred. There is a video of her and her pups in the comment section.

Despite such an appalling treatment, Molly is an absolute sweetheart. Loves cuddles and has a beautiful smile. All her pups from her last litter were rehomed in Russia. But Molly had no luck there.

So we brought her to the UK recently and she has now gone to a lovely and loving home where she will be spoilt rotten.

Molly (now Cookie) has already enjoyed a walk on a farm with her new family, a quiet time in the garden and lots of cuddle time.