How we helped Smoky, Brulle, Lera and Nochka

Here are some of the animals we recently helped. Beautiful cats – Smoky and blue eyed Brulle. Both arrived at our partner shelter in Kaluga in a terrible state.

Brulle took a long time to recover but now that she is feeling good and looking sleek again, she is ready to find a new and loving home. All that was left was to neuter her before she could be put up for adoption, so we helped Brulle by paying for that.

Smoky is not very socialised and we paid for her sterilisation on a TNR (trap, neuter, release) basis. But life in the street is very dangerous. Shelters have no choice other than to release some animals back because the space at the shelter is so tight and there are so few adoptions. But, while Smoky was recovering from her sterilisation op, a nice family saw her at the shelter and fell in love with her. Smoky has a new home and is now very friendly!

There are also two sisters -dogs Lera and Nochka. They were rescued when they were still pups. They must have been treated so badly before – they still don’t trust people fully. They are happy at the shelter and well looked after but we hope that one day they will be able to trust a human again. Meanwhile we paid for their sterilisation to avoid any accidents at the shelter and to prevent nasty illnesses.

Thank you!