How we helped Fiji

Beautiful and sweet Fiji lives in a village where there are mainly summer houses/cabins. There are other dogs living there too. In the summer they are fed by several people who spend their summer season living there.

But in the winter there is only one guard there so life is really tough.  The guard feeds them as well as he can and the dogs try to shelter from the cold in the holes they have dug up in the ground under some derelict houses.

Local volunteers asked us to help with neutering of female dogs in that area so that the pack doesn’t get any bigger. Fiji was one of these dogs.

We paid for Fiji’s neutering operation (and the neutering of other female dogs there). Fiji was also fully treated against parasites. After the dogs recovered from their operations, they were released back into the village. There is nowhere else for them to go! There is only one small shelter in the area and its full. The volunteers will keep monitoring the dogs’ progress.

It’s going to be tough for them when the summer is over but at least there will be no more pups there for Mum dogs and for us to worry about.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work and helps dogs like Fiji.