How volunteers saved Naida

Naida is one of the dogs we recently helped.

She was found roaming the streets and got very close to a children’s playground. Probably looking for food. Naida is a very friendly and calm dog. But some locals called a dog killing service (called “otstrel” or “отстрел” in Russian) and Naida was going to get killed.

Luckily some volunteers found out about it and got there first. 

Naida was placed in a foster home and it became obvious very quickly that she used to be a pet. She is calm, friendly with people, dogs and cats and is used to living at home.

Female dogs and cats are often abandoned because their behaviour changes when they come into season. Or they run off in search of a mating partner. This can be easily solved by neutering your pet when they are still young. Not to mention the health benefits of neutering like protection from some cancers and infections.

Naida has been neutered under our Neutering programme and we hope she will find her forever loving home soon.

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