Happy story of Musya

This girl was waiting for a loving home all her life.

Musya is 2.5 years old. She was found with her 4 pups over 1.5 years ago on the outskirts of a small village in the Moscow region by a lady who runs a home based cat shelter. There was no space in the shelter for a dog, let alone 5, but this lady could not just walk away.

She took Musya and the pups and with the help of other volunteers she managed to put the little dog family in foster care at a local small farm. So the family was safe, had a roof over their heads in a basic kennel, were fed and had all the necessary veterinary checks and treatments.

The volunteers later discovered that Musya had lived all her life at a construction site a few kilometres away from where she was found. It was not much of a life but at least she was fed. Unfortunately, as is always the case with community dogs in Russia, no one at the site bothered to neuter her.

When she gave birth to her pups, the management requested that the workers get rid of Musya. One of the workers put Musya and her pups in the car, drove some distance away and left the family at the edge of the village. What’s worse is that it was October – winter was coming.

Since then all Musya’s pups have been rehomed but Musya has had no luck. The shelters are full of rescued dogs like Musya – adult largish German Shepherd crosses who just want to be noticed and given a chance.

We decided to help Musya. How can anyone not fall in love with such a beautiful, smart, calm and friendly dog?

Musya arrived in the UK about 2 weeks ago. She has just gone home to a lovely couple. Her new human Dad loves cricket so we expect Musya, being a bright girl, is already learning what a googly is 🏏😀

Musya also has a new friend – a friendly spaniel called Jack. They are learning how to share the sofa.

Finally, Musya can enjoy her life. She has so much love to give and so much to catch up on!