Goldy’s story

This is Goldy’s story. Goldy’s Mum is a Golden Retreiver who was abandoned or got lost. She gave birth to pups while living in the street. We do not know how many pups were born but 6 were found at the time of their rescue. Goldy was one of them.

This beautiful family with the pups the size of cute teddy bears was destined to suffer in the streets of Russia. Most pups die of sickness or cruelty.

Luckily, a volunteer rescued them all! Mum still needs some help with her behavioural issues – a result of her suffering. By the time we decided to help with rehoming the pups, four pups had been rehomed but 2 remained.

One of them was Goldy – a sweet, slightly nervous girl who so much wanted to be loved.

Goldy arrived in the UK over a week ago and quickly found her forever home.

Goldy is finally happy and very much loved forever!!

We are hoping that her twin sister Dolly will also be able to come to the UK in about a month’s time. So watch this space!