Dushman’s story

Dushman’s story is about love, hope and vulnerability.

He is an old boy and has been a stray for years, possibly all his life.

It’s especially tough for babies and oldies to survive in the streets – they are particularly vulnerable.

In May 2018 Dushman could barely walk – his joints were very swollen. He had severe arthritis with inflammation in his joints and pads from years of living in cold and wet conditions. He was hungry too – younger dogs would be quite pushy and he didn’t get much food.

We knew that he would not survive another winter in the street and without proper help. With regular culls in his area he was also at high risk of being killed. He couldn’t run away even if he tried!

A volunteer in Alexin, Tula region, who we support, took him home despite her house bursting at the seams with rescued animals.

After 6 months of care, good food, sleeping in a warm bed (made of hay and blankets) and having some relaxing fun with other dog friends , Dushman has become a different dog! Even his coat has changed colour!

Dushman is finally safe and happy. Seeing him smiling and dancing is all one needs to know that it was worth it!