Charity report for November CHARITY REPORT FOR NOVEMBER 2018

Just before the holidays start here is our Charity Group’s report for November 2018 and some selected pictures:

Project “Neutering” – we paid for the neutering of 84 animals – 42 female cats, 34 female dogs, 6 male cats and 2 male dogs.

Project “Shelter Support” – we helped 11 shelters and 4 rescue groups by providing food, medication, vitamins and a van full of carpets for dog kennels donated by one of our corporate partners. 

Project “Veterinary treatment” – we paid for the treatment of 11 animals.

Educational project for children “The PAW of friendship” 👩‍🏫🐾 – we conducted 129 lessons reaching out to 2,576 children. 

Charitable animal Taxi “RAYmobil” 🚕 – 97 trips conducted including transportation of 30 animals from shelters to vet clinics and back.

Educational project “The school for volunteers” – 50 animal welfare volunteers attended a lecture on social site development and management conducted by a leading Russian expert in this area. The lecture was organised by our Russian colleagues and it would help rescue groups and shelters raise better awareness about their work. 

Thank you to all those who support our work! ❤️🙏

Together we can make a big difference!