Charity Report for June

Here is our Charity Group’s Report for June 2019:

🐾 Programme “Shelter support” – we provided much needed help – food, treats, meds, anti-parasite treatments, sanitary products – to over 20 shelters

🐾 Programme “Neutering” – we paid for the neutering of 56 animals. This includes 27 dogs (23 female + 4 male) and 29 cats  (23 female + 6 male).

Programme “Neutering” – bright and active Dana. Currently in a foster home❤️

🐾 Programme “Veterinary treatment” – we paid for the treatment of 17 animals.

🐾 Educational Programme “The PAW of Friendship” – even though the school year came to an end in May we remain busy. We conducted 56 lessons on responsible, humane and safe treatment of animals reaching out to 855 children.

🐾 Programme “Charitable Animal Taxi ” – we conducted 65 trips including the transportation of 35 animals to and from vet clinics and 7 deliveries of supplies to the shelters.

🐾 Our Russian sister-charity RAY also held a traditional annual dog festival “Dogs in the city” in Moscow which was attended by hundreds of people. The festival is an opportunity to raise awareness about our work, meet representatives from some of the shelters we support (human and, most importantly, four-legged), conduct educational and pet-friendly DIY master-classes, raise funds and have a lot of fun!

“Dogs in the city” festival. photo by Artyom Konstantinov

As a result of the festival:

🐶 8 dogs found their forever 

🐶 300 kg of pet food was collected in the food donation bank at the festival

🐶 and 127,773.50 Roubles (which is approximately £1,700) was raised! 

Thank you to everyone who supports our work!