Charity report for January 2019

With apologies for a delay (busy times!) here are our Charity Group’s results for January 2019:

🐾 Programme “Shelter support” – 7 shelters received suplies including food and medication

🐾 Programme “Vet treatment” – we paid for the veterinary treatment of 10 animals

🐾 Programme “Neutering” – we paid for the neutering of 100 animals (46 cats + 53 dogs + 1 pet mini-pig!)

🐾 Educational School Programme “The PAW of friendship” – we conducted 51 lessons for 1036 children

🐾 Educational Programme “School of Volunteers” – a group of volunteers visited a pet food manufacturing plant owned by MARS to learn more about how pet food is made and what it is made of!

🐾 Charitable animal taxi “RAY Mobil” – our unique animal taxi conducted 71 trips which included deliveries to shelters and transportation of 27 shelter animals to and from vet clinics.

Thank you everyone who is supporting our work!