Charity report for February

With apologies for delay here are our Charity Group’s results for February 2019 (the results for March will follow shortly):

🐾 Programme “Shelter support” – we provided food and medication to 5 shelters and 1 rescue group

🐾 Programme “Neutering” – we paid for the neutering of 96 animals – 42 cats and 53 dogs + 1 pet ferret!

🐾 Programme “Veterinary treatment” – we paid for the treatment of 17 animals

🐾 Educational Programme “The Paw of Friendship” – we conducted 72 lessons on safe and responsible treatment of animals for the total of 1,395 children

🐾 Programme RAYMobil – charitable animal taxi – we carried out 85 trips including deliveries to shelters and transportation of 34 shelter animals to and from vet clinics.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work!

P.S. Our Charity Group consists of a UK registered charity LAPA (Helping animals in Russia) and a Russian registered charity RAY.