Charity report for April

Here are our Charity Group’s consolidated monthly report for April 2019.

Project “Shelter support”
We helped 26 shelters and 2 rescue groups. This help included:

  • the supply of 1,180kg of pet food to provided by an Italian pet food manufacturer Farmina
  •  the supply of 5,000 packages of pet medicine donated to the charity
  •  the purchase of a large dog kennel for Alexin home-based shelter
  •  the supply of bedding material
Shelter support – supplies for a private shelter Pushok+Druzjok (roughly translated as “Fluffy Friends”)

Project “Neutering”
We paid for the neutering of 118 animals: 71 cats (65 female + 6 male) + 47 dogs (30 female + 17 male).

Neutering – cat Jackie

Project “Veterinary treatment”
We paid for the treatment of 17 animals

Project “Charitable Animal Taxi RAYMobil”
Conducted 83 trips including the transportation of 32 shelter animals to and from vet clinics.

Educational Project “The PAW of Friendship”
We conducted 67 lessons for 1,458 children

Educational programme “The PAW of Friendship” – Primary school No 9, the twin of Pushkin

Other educational work
We arranged 2 lectures on neutering presented by vets from our partner Moscow-based vet clinic “Biocontrol”. The lectures were attended by 40 volunteers who regularly rescue abandoned animals and arrange their neutering.

We thank everyone who continues to support our work. 🙏❤️

N.B. Our Charity Group consists of LAPA, a UK registered charity, and RAY, a Russian registered charity.