£855 raised for ‘The place of kindness’ shelter

A week ago one of the shelters we support – shelter “The Place of kindness” – suffered from a devastating fire. The fire started at night. Unfortunately, 14 animals (8 cats and 6 dogs) perished in the fire.

Other animals (there are over 200 animals at the shelter) are safe. Some were lucky enough to have been rescued and the fire was stopped in time before it could reach the others.

Apart from the devastating loss of 14 lives, the shelter has lost all its food and medical supplies and such essentials as dog leads, bowls etc.

The cause of fire is yet to be confirmed but it is likely that it was caused by faulty electrics. Sadly, that’s not uncommon in shelters. Most shelters, especially in remote locations, survive in extremely harsh conditions of poverty. This creates risks for humans and for animals. We do what we can to help.

The shelter is based in Klin, a small provincial town in the north of the Moscow region. The conditions there are very basic at the best of times, but now that the shelter’s storage room has been wiped out by the fire, they cannot afford to buy new supplies. They have asked us for help and we could not ignore their request.

Thanks to help of our supporters, we have raised £855!

This is approximately 69,300 Roubles. We have spent this money on buying:

🐾 42kg specialist prescription food for sick dogs

🐾 49kg specialist puppy food

🐾 230 individual items of anti-parasite medicine for cats and dogs

The first delivery took place this week and also included other items of food and medicine which have been donated in Russia.

We would like to say a huge thank you ❤️💙to everyone who has made a donation and also to those who has shared our post to spread the word about our work and to help us raise more funds.

Together we can make a real difference and help those who cannot ask for help.