Sterilisation Project

Sterilisation project

safe sterilisation of animals

We promote sterilisation of pets, arrange and fund sterilisation of stray cats and dogs and offer low cost sterilisation to low income families, pensioners, disabled people and students.

Why sterilisation?

There are hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs in Russia. This means there is no need for more cats or dogs in Russia.

If a female cat was to mate every time she came into season, and all her kittens were to survive and breed, then there would be up to 21,000 extra cats in just 7 years. In case of a female dog, there would be up to 4,500 extra dogs in 7 years.

The most likely scenario would be that many will die a painful and unnecessary death and the survivors will form starving colonies of sick animals which are killed by the authorities or cruel members of the public. Sterilisation is key to the reduction of the population of unwanted animals. It is the most humane way to control the numbers.

Sterilisation is not cruel. It is necessary. Animals do not “miss” an opportunity to breed. The view that animals must have their freedom to mate and have babies, at a minimum once, is misconceived and fundamentally wrong. It is shared by those who do not have or do not want to deal its the consequences. We deal with abandoned sick and starving kittens and puppies and their starving and poorly mums and injured male cats and dogs every day – it is not a sight for the faint-hearted.

Yes, sterilisation is interference with nature. However, by domesticating cats and dogs, humans have already interfered and must take responsibility for that.

For humans, a contraceptive pill or a condom also interfere with nature, but who in their right mind would say that we should not use them and instead let every human female get pregnant as many times as she is physically able regardless of health, financial and other issues? Why should it be different for pets?

Please support our sterilisation project and save thousands of lives TODAY!

Please be a responsible pet owner and sterilise your pet. Be part of the solution – not the problem.

Read more about the reasons for our sterilisation project, typical stereotypes and what we do.

What we do

Our work has three areas of focus:

  • We fund the sterilisation of adult animals in small private shelters.  If a kitten or puppy is adopted from such a shelter, we obtain their owner’s consent for future sterilisation.  If the owner has limited financial means, we bear the cost of the operation.
  • We sterilise stray or so-called ‘free roaming’ animals.  This includes organising visits to clusters of such stray dogs and cats by vets with operating tables and all the necessary equipment.
  • We assist disadvantaged families with the cost of sterilising their pets.

What you can do to help

We currently conduct around 20-40 operations per month, depending on their complexity.  Several factors determine the cost of an operation, including whether the patient is a cat or dog, male or female, and whether they are pregnant.  Depending on these factors, the cost of an operation can range from £20 to £90 (2,000 to 8,000 roubles).

We only work with tested and experienced vets and clinics, on a discounted basis.  However, to enable us to increase the volume of work, we need financial assistance. 

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