Shelter Support

Shelter Support

Russian shelters are overcrowded and under-resourced. They live in a constant struggle to make the ends meet in order to provide basic care for their residents. There are no luxuries. Municipal shelters house from several hundred to few thousand animals.

There are private shelters usually set up by private individuals in their homes with an adjacent small plot of land. Such shelters tend to house several dozens of animals. Tens of thousands of abandoned animals remain in the streets in every town, city and village with nowhere to go and more are abandoned and killed every day.

Our Partner Shelters

We support a number of shelters and rescue groups in Russia including our main partner-shelter in Tula region. It is a private shelter based in the home of a lady called Yulia. She single-handedly looks after nearly 100 rescued animals – cats and dogs – some of whom live in her house and some live in kennels with access to large runs. Many of them are old or sick as a result of human cruelty or neglect.

We pay for food, regular anti-parasite treatments, cleaning and sanitary products, hay, accessories (such as bedding, leads, muzzles, toys, etc) as well as all other products which are needed on a day to day basis in looking after animals. Some animals are on a prescription diet and require specialist food. We also pay for equipment associated with running a shelter, such as construction and maintenance of kennels and crates for keeping and transporting the sick animals.

Why we need money

It costs £20 per day to feed 60+ animals in shelter on a simple diet