Eira was left abandoned as a small pup outside a Moscow shelter. There are over 700 dogs in that shelter, so it’s impossible for them all to receive the care and attention that they need in order to stay well and be adopted. So we brought her to the UK to give her a better chance.

Eira means snow in Welsh. Her new owners have said that her new name is “a little nod to her heritage” since she was in the snow on the picture when they first saw her.

Apparently, it is also the name of a Sanskrit Goddess of Wisdom! So as you can see, her new family has really thought things through!

Eira is calm, bright and very cute. Her training is going well and she already knows a few commands. She is lovable and well behaved.

We are incredibly pleased for Eira! We are grateful to her new family for adopting her and to everyone who has been involved in her story.

That’s what Eira’s new owners say:

We were matched with our wonderful Eira after several honest discussions about what kind of dog (or in this case pup) would fit best into our lives. She moved in less than a week ago and couldn’t have slotted in any better! She’s the friendliest and most gentle and unusually calm pup I’ve ever met. It’s like she’s always been here.