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Dushman’s story

Dushman’s story is about love, hope and vulnerability. He is an old boy and has been a stray for years, possibly all his life. It’s especially tough for babies and oldies to survive in the streets – they are particularly vulnerable. In May 2018 Dushman could barely walk – his

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£2K on Giving Tuesday raised!

Dear Friends, Our total fundraising result on Giving Tuesday up to the time of this post is £2,102.16! What a great outcome! A huge thank you 🙏 to everyone who took part in this wonderful tradition and shared some love with our four-legged friends! We have reached our target for buying 1 month’s food

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October results

Here are our Group’s results for October and few pictures: Programme “Shelter support”: we provided support to 9 shelters and 2 rescue groups supplying them with food, medication, cleaning products, dog and cat beds, and toys Programme “Neutering”: we neutered 36 female cats, 3 male cats, 32 female dogs and 5 male

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Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter?

Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter?  These dogs  live in a small private shelter based in a wooded area of Ryazan region (Central Russia). There are 60 dogs there. Private donations just about cover food and medical treatment for the dogs but no more than that.  Dogs

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Luca (previously Alfie)

Gender:  Male Age at the time of adoption:  1 year Adoption Date: Nov 2018 Profile:

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Yukiko the fox

Yes, this is a Fox! Her name is Yukiko. She was bred for fur at a Russian fur farm. Why does she have such an unusual coat?! Because she was bred especially to have this coat to meet the demands and tastes of customers who are prepared to pay more for

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Kira (previously Jessy)

Gender:  Female Age at the time of adoption:  9 months Adoption Date: Sept 2018 Profile:

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