Who we are

We are a small registered UK animal welfare charity founded in 2013.
We help abandoned dogs and cats in Russia through a number of programmes.

What we’ve achieved


We have paid for the neutering of over 4,000 animals and veterinary treatment of hundreds of animals (cats and dogs) in Russia.


Through our Rehoming Programme, which started in late 2018, more than 300 abandoned Russian animals (cats and dogs) have found loving homes in the UK.


We have reached out to over 37,000 children through our Educational Programme on responsible and safe treatment of animals.

Shelter Support

We fully provide for nearly 100 animals (cats and dogs) in a shelter in Russia by paying for food, everyday subsistence and shelter maintenance.

Our Programmes

Rehoming in the UK

This is a small but meaningful programme for us. It gives some Russian dogs with no future a real chance of finding a happy forever home in the UK.

Shelter Support

Veterinary Treatment



We adopted Cooper in January, the process was smooth, safe but wonderful – at no point did we feel under pressure. The people we dealt with were fantastic, understanding and explained everything clearly. It was evident they were incredibly passionate about their animals and the work the charity does. We are most thankful for being allowed the opportunity to adopt Cooper. He is our world, best friend and an absolutely brilliant dog. 

Debbie Wade

Mum of Cooper
I highly recommend LAPA. It is reassuring to take a rescue dog which is in a foster home and the discussions which you have about the dog are so helpful and reassuring. We love Prosh and thank everybody involved in rescuing him from Russia where he was found at the side of the road with a broken leg. He is now a much loved member of the family.

Joanna Weil

Mum of Prosh
Highly professional charity, that genuinely cares about each and every animal they are able to rescue. I cannot recommend highly enough. Our rescue dog to be, had several visits to us to make sure that we and the dog were a suitable match. Inoculations, passport, and a folder of our rescue dog’s story were all provided. The charity takes a genuine interest in your rescue dog’s progression, even after a year.

Melanie Aster

Mum of Marsha

We are a small charity, and for us quite literally every penny counts. These are examples of what your donations can buy.


1.5kg bag of cat food


Neutering 1 cat in Russia


Neutering 1 medium-sized dog in Russia


Standard treatment of a sick rescue animal


Preparing and bringing 1 our rescued dog into the UK


Basic food for a shelter with 60+ animals (cats + dogs) per month (or £20 per day)