Veterinary treatment

Veterinary Treatment

Every rescued animal needs veterinary help of some kind after they have been rescued. Sometimes its just a check up, de-worming, flea treatment and vaccinations. Sometimes it is more serious. Living in the streets is tough – there are many infections, injuries and cancers which mostly arise from the lack of neutering.

We pay for the treatment of rescued animals who are looked after by the shelters we support.

Every cat and dog deserves good veterinary care and should be spared from suffering.

  • It costs on average up to £25 to de-worm, de-flea and vaccinate a cat or a dog.
  • It costs on average up to £100 to carry out all the necessary veterinary checks and tests on a rescued dog or cat
  • If a rescued cat or dog is ill, it costs on average up to £250 to treat them if the illness is not serious or complicated and the animal does not require hospitalisation.

We only work with tested and experienced vets and clinics, on a discounted basis.