Rehoming in the UK

Why we bring animals to the UK

On 20 July 2018 we brought our first Russian rescue dog into the UK – a dog called Marsha. This event marked the beginning of a very small but a very meaningful project for us. A project of giving some Russian dogs a chance of finding a happy forever home  in the UK.

In the first year of running this project we helped over 70 beautiful dogs and cats  find their loving forever homes which they would not have found in Russia.

Why do we do it? Because they deserve it, because it is their only chance to have a good life and because these animals are the best ambassadors for our work. These dogs prove better than any words can what wonderful companions, friends and family members they can be given the chance. And why it is our responsibility to help them.

All our dogs are healthy, fully vaccinated, microchipped, house trained and assessed. They are placed in foster homes when they arrive in the UK. This helps them adapt quicker and makes their transition into a new home smoother.

Already at home

How to adopt

If you are interested in a particular dog, or want to adopt a dog in general, please send us an email at, and we will send you an application form. If you know the dog’s name please mention it in the email’s subject.

We tell about the dogs available for adoption on our Facebook page and on Instagram. Please follow us there.