Will you help us build RayHouse?

Will you help us build RayHouse?

  • It is a small bespoke rehoming facility for rescued cats and dogs
  • It will comprise a new house built on a secure plot of land on the outskirts of a quiet village close to a small river
  • The land plot is located in the Moscow region and is owned by our Russian sister-charity RAY
  • The plot is 2,500 sq. meters = ¼ hectare = 0.6 acre
  • The house (160 sq. meters) will be specifically designed and built for this project


Where is Project RayHouse?


Village Chapaevka, Odintsovo District, Moscow region

What are our objectives?

Our immediate objective is to create a long-term and sustainable facility under our management and control which will allow us:

  • To rehabilitate and rehome rescued cats and dogs efficiently and reliably
  • To educate people about the importance of adopting rescued animals and how to take care of their pets

We also hope that long-term this project will help with:

  • Changing people’s attitudes towards rescued animals and their adoption
  • Achieving better standards of pet care
  • Reducing pet abandonment
  • Raising more support for our work
  • Setting a good example for other Russian animal welfare charities


How will we achieve our objectives?


  • Rescued animals will live in a home environment – this will help them adapt and be rehomed quicker with fewer returns
  • We will have a limited intake to avoid overcrowding – up to 15 dogs and 20 cats residing at one given time
  • There will be live-in staff to provide 24-hour care
  • The staff will be trained in the basics of animal care, behaviour and veterinary assistance in order to provide competent and professional care for the animals
  • A qualified animal behaviourist will assist with animals’ rehabilitation and training needs
  • Animals will be housed in accordance with their health and behavioural needs
  • Dogs will have access to an outdoor training area and walks in the countryside
  • We will conduct on-site educational work for children, families and volunteers


More about Project RayHouse


  • Location – The plot is located within a 50-km radius from Moscow with good public transport links, easy access by road and good infrastructure within close reach
  • Security – The plot will have a secure 2.5m fence and there will be on-site CCTV
  • Environment – We aim to preserve as much natural environment on the plot (trees, bushes, plants etc) as possible
  • Positive experience – There will be a nice outdoor recreational area for visitors to create a good vibe and positive experience


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, absolutely!

  • Why do you believe this project will be successful?

We have over 10 years of relevant experience and are confident we can make this project work. We have also been running a successful UK Rehoming Programme for Russian rescued animals for over a year. It is based on the same principles as Project RayHouse – animal rehabilitation and training in the home environment. Our adoption and retention rate so far – 100%.

  • When will RayHouse open?

It depends on the funding. We hope we can open in the autumn 2021.

  • How will you report on the progress and expenditure?

We will report by email updates as well as on our website and social sites.

Where have we got to so far

The land was purchased with the funds donated specifically for this project by one of our Trustees.

  • Electricity supply has been connected and a meter installed



  • The perimeter of the plot has been measured for fencing purposes
  • A geological survey has been conducted to determine the appropriate location for the house and the suitable foundation required
  • The house design and quote have been agreed


Project costs and help needed

Applying the exchange rate £1 = 75 Roubles:

  • Preparing the grounds for construction and fencing – 450,000 Roubles = c. £6,000
  • Construction of the house – modern materials, full compliance with building and safety regulations – 3,700,000 Roubles = c.£49,500
  • Internal works and decoration to completion – 1,000,000 Roubles = c.£13,500

Total: c.£69,000

*All prices include a charity discount provided by the selected suppliers and contractors

** The prices set out above are valid for 2019 only. There is likely to be a price increase in 2020. We would like to secure the budget and do as much as possible this year before the onset of cold weather. But it all depends on funding.

*** There will be additional costs relating to the installation of water supply, septic tank and landscaping but they have not been fully costed yet.

Thank you for your support!