Neutering is the only humane way to reduce the stray population. Both pets and strays should be neutered. Pets are often abandoned because they have health or behavioural problems which arise because they have not been neutered. Or their litters are killed or abandoned, which could have been prevented by having the pet neutered. As a result, animals suffer and the number of strays continues to increase.

  • A female cat can get pregnant twice or even three times a year from the age of 4 months. A female dog – twice a year from the age of 6 months.
  • A cat can give birth to 2 – 6 kittens in one litter. Dogs can give birth from to 4 – 12 pups per litter.
  • If a female cat or dog was to mate every time she came into season, and all their kittens/pups were to survive and breed, then there would be up to 21,000 extra cats or dogs in just 7 years.

Neutering also prevents the risk of testicular cancer in males and uterus infections and cancers in females. Neutering eliminates urine marking and roaming in male cats. We promote neutering of pets and pay for the neutering of stray and shelter cats and dogs, as well as rescued animals adopted by people with low income.

Why we need money

It costs £20 – £100 to neuter 1 cat / dog