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Animal welfare in Russia

The animal welfare situation in Russia is at a critical level and needs to change.

There is no animal welfare legislation in Russia.  As a result, there is no culture of sterilising, vaccinating or de-worming pets and breeding is not regulated. This causes overpopulation and diseases. Sadly, tens of thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned every year.  The ones that survive breed, others die of hunger, illness, cruelty and severe weather conditions.

Stray animals are treated as vermin or rubbish. There are mass killings of dogs by poisoning or other horrific methods by local authorities and so called "dog hunters".

Thousands of dogs suffer and die from neglect and cruelty in municipal shelters in Moscow and other large cities in Russia. The system of municipal shelters is badly structured, corrupt and run by people who don't know all that much about how to care for the animals, nor about animal welfare and the dogs are treated as a commodity.

Thousands of cats are sealed and left to die from thirst, starvation and lack of air in the basements of apartment blocks. This is a result of bad local laws which are executed without any care for the animals.

There are private shelters (official and unofficial) for stray animals. There are also volunteer groups which help dogs in municipal shelters. However, there are not enough of them and they are severely underfunded.

Animal welfare activists are often criticised and portrayed as insane or stupid. The reality is that many of them are well educated people who believe in compassion and humanity and who spend their time and money on saving lives.

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