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In Russia thousands of cats and dogs suffer and die needlessly every day through starvation, cold, neglect, cruelty, killings by local authorities, individuals and animal hatred groups.

How a society treats animals is a measure of how civilised that society is.

The situation in Russia is terrible. It is real. It MUST change.

LAPA (Helping animals in Russia) is an animal welfare charity. We are based in the UK and in Russia. Our aim is to end animal suffering, reduce stray population and improve animal welfare standards in Russia.

We rescue, rehabilitate, sterilise and rehome abandoned dogs and cats in Russia. We aim to run education programmes about pet care and animal welfare generally and campaign for animal protection legislation and its enforcement in Russia.

Our work relies on your support, so please get involved or donate TODAY. You can make a difference. Russian animals need you.

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What Your Donation Buys

  • £5

    £5 BUYS:

    1 Deworming

  • £10

    £10 BUYS:

    1 standard vaccination
    pack or 1 vet consulation

  • £25

    £25 BUYS:

    will feed 1 cat or
    dog for a month

  • £50

    £50 BUYS:

    1 standard
    blood test

  • £100

    £100 BUYS:

    sterilisation of
    1 dog or 3 cats

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