Our aim is to change attitudes towards animals in Russia and promote a happier, more informed and safer relationship between people, especially children, and animals.  We believe that education is key to achieving such changes.

With the help of a small, dedicated team of volunteers, throughout 2014 and continuing now in 2015, we have implemented an educational program into a Moscow school.  On an extracurricular basis or as part of an English language programme, we discuss with children aged 6 – 15 issues of animal welfare, to get them thinking about how best to treat animals, and what happens with animals when they are abandoned.

Our aim is to demonstrate the cause and effect relationship between the way humans treat animals and the animals’ suffering.  The lessons are interactive, including the use of presentation slides, drawings and charts.  We discuss how animals end up roaming the streets and what often happens to them next. We share stories from our own experience.  We lead them to consider and ask such questions as “What needs to be done to prevent animals living in the streets?”“How should pets be walked to prevent them running away?” and “What can be done to prevent animals being abandoned?”

It is an established fact that children who learn about kindness and responsibility through their happy and fulfilling relationship with animals are more likely to grow up as responsible adults and not be cruel or violent towards people and animals.