Frosya is going to Belgium

Exciting news! We are just over a week away from the arrival of our next small group of rescued boys and girls  from Russia! One of them - a kitten called Frosya - has a very special story to tell.

He was hit by a car  when he was only over 2 months old. There was little hope for his survival at first but, amazingly, he pulled through.

He had to loose his tail but it’s a small price to pay in comparison. Frosya comes from Grozniy - the capital of the Chechen Republic in Russia. He was rescued and looked after by a volunteer of a local shelter “The Hope for life”.

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Registered with Amazon Smile!

LAPA is now registered with Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile is a charitable arm of Amazon. If you shop on Amazon Smile and pick LAPA to support from their list of charities - Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of your purchase amount to LAPA Free of Charge!

Amazon Smile is a new project by Amazon. There is a separate website for Amazon Smile but no need to worry - it is simply a duplicate of standard Amazon. It was created to make it easier for Amazon to set up the charitable system. So all the products on both sites are exactly the same.

The only difference between two sites is that if you shop on standard Amazon, Amazon does not donate, BUT if you shop on Amazon Smile, Amazon does!

Here is the link to Amazon Smile -

So here is another simple way to help LAPA - next time you are shopping on Amazon, please choose to do so on Amazon Smile! And please tell you friends about it too. Every little helps! 

Charity Group’s Report for July 2019

🐾 Programme “Shelter Support” - we helped 12 shelters and 2 rescue groups by supplying much needed food and meds.

Prescription diet foods are a particularly valuable gift because many shelter animals have extra health needs when they are going through rehabilitation and special needs food is quite pricey.

🐾 Programme “Neutering” - we paid for the neutering of 106 animals - 69 cats  (57 female + 12 male) and 37 dogs  (24 female + 13 male).

🐾 Programme “Vet treatment” - we paid for the treatment of 8 animals. Cat Kuzya continues to be our long-term patient who needs some ongoing support. He is doing well.

🐾 Educational Programme “The PAW of Friendship” - we reached out to 352 children over 20 lessons.

🐾 Programme “Charitable Taxi RAYMobil” - we conducted 74 trips including the transportation of 38 animals to and from vet clinics and 9 deliveries to the shelters.

🐾 Programme “UK  Rehoming” - we are getting our gorgeous boys and girls ready for their trip to the UK in September. More on this nearer the time!

Thank you to everyone who supports our work - these are our joint results! 🙏❤️

Remember that our Charity Group consists of LAPA (Helping animals in Russia), a UK registered charity, and RAY, a Russian registered charity.

Veterinary treatment for Charlie

Charlie is one of our patients under the Veterinary Treatment programme. One day he appeared in the courtyard of a residential block of flats. He wondered around searching for food, slept under the bushes, hid under the cars and then he got ill.

He was getting worse and worse but people walked past him without paying him any attention.

The only people who did notice him and cared were two ladies who already had dozens of rescue cats in their homes. They tried to help as many as they could (feeding, treating, rehoming) on their very modest income. Despite already having so many cats in their care, they simply couldn’t stand and watch how Charlie was suffering. 

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LAPA's educational programme

Our educational programme for children doesn’t stop in the summer! Our little helper - soft toy dog Ray - helps us educate children how to take care of their pets and communicate with them safely.

Children love learning new skills! Apart from bringing our soft toy Ray to the lessons we use a lot of visual material - pictures, videos. We also play interactive games and chat to the children about their experiences and answer their questions.

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Charity Report for June

Here is our Charity Group’s Report for June 2019:

🐾 Programme “Shelter support” - we provided much needed help - food, treats, meds, anti-parasite treatments, sanitary products - to over 20 shelters

🐾 Programme “Neutering” - we paid for the neutering of 56 animals. This includes 27 dogs (23 female + 4 male) and 29 cats  (23 female + 6 male).

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How we helped Fiji

Beautiful and sweet Fiji lives in a village where there are mainly summer houses/cabins. There are other dogs living there too. In the summer they are fed by several people who spend their summer season living there.

But in the winter there is only one guard there so life is really tough.  The guard feeds them as well as he can and the dogs try to shelter from the cold in the holes they have dug up in the ground under some derelict houses.

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"PAW of Friendship" results

The school year 2018-2019 came to an end at the end of May and we are proud of the results of our educational programme “The PAW of Friendship” this year.

In the past school year we conducted 644 lessons reaching out to 13,053 children.

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Charity report for May

Starting the week on a positive note - our Charity Group’s results for May. It was a busy month!

Project “Shelter support”
We helped 12 shelters and 2 rescue groups. The help included:

  • over 700kg of pet food
  • hundreds of units of vaccines and anti-parasite 🕷treatment which is acutely needed this time of the year
  •  bedding

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Charity report for April

Here are our Charity Group’s consolidated monthly report for April 2019.

Project “Shelter support”
We helped 26 shelters and 2 rescue groups. This help included:

  • the supply of 1,180kg of pet food to provided by an Italian pet food manufacturer Farmina
  •  the supply of 5,000 packages of pet medicine donated to the charity
  •  the purchase of a large dog kennel for Alexin home-based shelter
  •  the supply of bedding material

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