Fantic and Bonya arrived in the UK

We have new arrivals! 

Fantic and Bonya arrived in the UK last night from Russia. Both of them were found at a rubbish dump in Aleksin, Tula region when they were still small pups.

They are now over 1 year old but they cannot find a home in Russia. No one wants them. Until now they were living in a home based shelter (which we help) which is overcrowded with rescued animals. So we decided to step in and help. 

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How volunteers saved Naida

Naida is one of the dogs we recently helped.

She was found roaming the streets and got very close to a children’s playground. Probably looking for food. Naida is a very friendly and calm dog. But some locals called a dog killing service (called “otstrel” or “отстрел” in Russian) and Naida was going to get killed.

Luckily some volunteers found out about it and got there first. 

Naida was placed in a foster home and it became obvious very quickly that she used to be a pet. She is calm, friendly with people, dogs and cats and is used to living at home.

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Charity report for December 2018

Here are the results of our Charity Group’s work in December 2018:

🐾 Project “Shelter support” - we provided food to 9 shelters and 2 rescue groups.

This includes helping shelters “Beskudnikovo” and German Shepherd Rescue Group “Time to go home!” for whom we bought a total of 560kg of dry dog food and 285kg of wet tinned food out of the proceeds of our fundraising campaign on Giving Tuesday on 27 November 2018. Thanks to your help, we raised £2,102.16 on that day (see our posts on 26 and 28 November 2018). We still have some money left to buy these shelters another supply of food.

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Cute video from Kitty

Look at this amazing girl! The video speaks for itself.

This is why we are so focussed on our educational programmes for children. If the young generations understand why it is important to help animals and treat them with respect, we can hope for a better future!!

Thank you Kitty! ❤️🙏

If anyone is interested in organising or helping their children organise a fundraising event for LAPA (big or small), please contact us on

We would be delighted!

Charity report for November CHARITY REPORT FOR NOVEMBER 2018

Just before the holidays start here is our Charity Group’s report for November 2018 and some selected pictures:

Project “Neutering” - we paid for the neutering of 84 animals - 42 female cats, 34 female dogs, 6 male cats and 2 male dogs.

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Dushman’s story

Dushman’s story is about love, hope and vulnerability.

He is an old boy and has been a stray for years, possibly all his life.

It’s especially tough for babies and oldies to survive in the streets - they are particularly vulnerable.

In May 2018 Dushman could barely walk - his joints were very swollen. He had severe arthritis with inflammation in his joints and pads from years of living in cold and wet conditions. He was hungry too - younger dogs would be quite pushy and he didn’t get much food.

We knew that he would not survive another winter in the street and without proper help. With regular culls in his area he was also at high risk of being killed. He couldn’t run away even if he tried!

A volunteer in Alexin, Tula region, who we support, took him home despite her house bursting at the seams with rescued animals.

After 6 months of care, good food, sleeping in a warm bed (made of hay and blankets) and having some relaxing fun with other dog friends , Dushman has become a different dog! Even his coat has changed colour!

Dushman is finally safe and happy. Seeing him smiling and dancing is all one needs to know that it was worth it!

£2K on Giving Tuesday raised!

Dear Friends,

Our total fundraising result on Giving Tuesday up to the time of this post is £2,102.16! What a great outcome! A huge thank you 🙏 to everyone who took part in this wonderful tradition and shared some love with our four-legged friends!

We have reached our target for buying 1 month’s food supply for private shelter «Beskudnikovo» (£1,500) and we will allocate the surplus to our next top priority shelter support project. We will update you on how we have spent the funds in the next couple of weeks.

Those donors who are tax payers in the UK, please please take 5 seconds to tick  a Gift Aid option on your email donation receipt from PayPal Giving Fund. LAPA will then receive extra 25% on your donation from the HMRC at no cost to you.

Meanwhile, here are the pictures of some of the animals we are currently  helping including from shelter «Beskudnikovo» (Moscow region). Thank you again and please keep sharing our page and keep supporting us! Our work never stops!

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October results

Here are our Group’s results for October and few pictures:

  • Programme “Shelter support”: we provided support to 9 shelters and 2 rescue groups supplying them with food, medication, cleaning products, dog and cat beds, and toys
  • Programme “Neutering”: we neutered 36 female cats, 3 male cats, 32 female dogs and 5 male dogs
  • Programme “Veterinary Treatment”: we paid for the treatment of 27 animals . The most notable cases this month were dog Parfusha (pictured) who was suffering from cataract and dog Zhuzha who was badly injured by car. Both have fully recovered
  • Programme “Education”: we conducted 60 lessons for 1273 children including lessons at a vegetarian food fair and case studies on how to help animals under the project “The school of good deeds”.
  • Programme “Education”: 500 adults completed the online educational course Designed for pet owners and shelter volunteers on the basics of animal care and dog and cat behaviour
  • Programme “Charitable Animal Taxi”: we conducted 75 trips including deliveries to shelters and transportation of 23 rescued animals from shelters to vet clinics and back.

Thank you very much to all those who support us! These are our joint efforts and results!

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Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter?

Will you help us save these dogs from freezing this winter? 

These dogs  live in a small private shelter based in a wooded area of Ryazan region (Central Russia). There are 60 dogs there. Private donations just about cover food and medical treatment for the dogs but no more than that. 

Dogs live in makeshift wooden kennels which are insulated by hay. It’s just about good enough for young and healthy dogs to survive severe cold weather which lasts for months.

But what about old or sick dogs, what about dogs recovering from an operation or treatment? They simply cannot survive in these conditions. 

This is what it’s like:

  • At the moment there is no room or any kind of facility in the shelter with heating in it. When dogs need an injection, volunteers prepare and administer the injections in their cars. Otherwise the medication will freeze.
  • Water supply is only available in the summer. In winter volunteers bring bottled water with them from home and use it very quickly before it freezes.
  • Dog food is too expensive and dogs need warm food in such cold weather. So volunteers cook meat based porridge for the dogs every day in large pans on an open fire.
  • Not to mention that volunteers themselves have to take refuge in their cars with the engine on in order to warm up and have a cup of tea.

We want to help these animals and their dedicated human helpers before it is too late. Winter is approaching fast in Russia. It’s already sub-zero temperatures there.

It costs £1,120 (=93,000 roubles) to buy a heated stand alone utility cabin (like a trailer on a construction site). Please help us reach this target! 

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Yukiko the fox

Yes, this is a Fox! Her name is Yukiko. She was bred for fur at a Russian fur farm.

Why does she have such an unusual coat?! Because she was bred especially to have this coat to meet the demands and tastes of customers who are prepared to pay more for an unusual colour and pattern. Yes, sadly that’s true.

Then while she was still a cub, someone bought her as an exotic pet/toy. When the novelty wore off, her owner decided to abandon her.

That’s how Yukiko found herself in a cat and dog shelter in Kaluga which we support.

She thinks she is a dog. She is completely tame, could never live in the wild, she likes playing with shelter dogs, walks on the lead and she gets a bit lonely because she sleeps alone in her kennel for her own safety. Not an easy one to rehome!

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