How we helped Fiji

Beautiful and sweet Fiji lives in a village where there are mainly summer houses/cabins. There are other dogs living there too. In the summer they are fed by several people who spend their summer season living there.

But in the winter there is only one guard there so life is really tough.  The guard feeds them as well as he can and the dogs try to shelter from the cold in the holes they have dug up in the ground under some derelict houses.

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"PAW of Friendship" results

The school year 2018-2019 came to an end at the end of May and we are proud of the results of our educational programme “The PAW of Friendship” this year.

In the past school year we conducted 644 lessons reaching out to 13,053 children.

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Charity report for May

Starting the week on a positive note - our Charity Group’s results for May. It was a busy month!

Project “Shelter support”
We helped 12 shelters and 2 rescue groups. The help included:

  • over 700kg of pet food
  • hundreds of units of vaccines and anti-parasite 🕷treatment which is acutely needed this time of the year
  •  bedding

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Charity report for April

Here are our Charity Group’s consolidated monthly report for April 2019.

Project “Shelter support”
We helped 26 shelters and 2 rescue groups. This help included:

  • the supply of 1,180kg of pet food to provided by an Italian pet food manufacturer Farmina
  •  the supply of 5,000 packages of pet medicine donated to the charity
  •  the purchase of a large dog kennel for Alexin home-based shelter
  •  the supply of bedding material

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Marsha has found home!

We have some amazing Happy End story for you! Do you remember our beautiful Marsha? She and her friends Nadya and Jessie (now Kira) were the first dogs in our new UK Rehoming Programne which we started last year.

After 9 months in foster care Marsha has finally found her forever loving home! And it was worth the wait!!!

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Plyusha at new home

Plyusha is so beautiful she could have easily been a cat model advertising cosy cat beds or gourmet cat food. Her life path turned out to be very different but she has finally found happiness!

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Meet Maxik

Meet Maxik - a tiny kitten found in a Moscow street. His story is about the choices we make in life and their consequences .

Maxik was found alone in a busy and scary place - frightened, crying, exposed to so many dangers. 

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Charity report for March

Here are our Charity Group’s results for March 2019:

 Programme “Shelter support” 

We supplied food, medication to 7 shelters and 2 rescue groups. We also passed on a generous donation of carpets and rugs from one of our corporate partners to some of these shelters where they will be used as bedding  for cats and dogs.

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Molly has gone home!

Great news - our recent arrival tiny Molly has gone home!

Molly had a very hard life - until she was rescued her entire world consisted of a space with a radius of about 1 meter. She was chained to her small wooden dog house in a yard of someone’s house. And she was bred. There is a video of her and her pups in the comment section.

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Dogs in the Second World War

This post is about heroic efforts of dogs in the Second World War. The silent and often forgotten heroes. Why today?

Today is a very important day in Russia. 9th of May is Victory Day. It is a celebration of the end of the Great Patriotic War against the Nazi army, which is the war between Russia and Germany as a part of the Second World War. Russia lost over 25 million people in that war and was completely devastated by the war.

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