LAPA (Helping animals in Russia) is a registered UK animal welfare charity founded in early 2013. We work solely in Russia. Our aim is to reduce the number of stray animals in a humane and responsible way, to end animal sufferring and to improve animal welfare standards in Russia. 

We believe that every dog and cat should have a loving home. Unfortunately, the number of stray animals in Russia is in the hundreds of thousands. Animals are abandoned and abused every day.

There are many very dedicated local animal rescue groups but they are under-resourced in every way and many of them often lack the necessary professional knowledge and experience. Despite the enormous efforts of Russian animal rescue groups, it is simply impossible at the moment to rescue, help and rehome all stray animals.

We work to change this through our projects which range from direct help to the animals in need right now to preventing animal abandonment and suffering by addressing the root causes of the problem. Even though the problem is huge, we are confident that it can be solved through a combination of hard work and well planned, coordinated and focused measures. You can learn more about our work on Facebook or Instagram.

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